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Top 6 Benefits of Being a Freelance Translator

Being a translator brings you a lot of benefits like a great salary, freedom, flexibility and so on. It is a beautiful career that any student dreams of. But, are there any benefits of being a freelance translator? Why should you be a freelancer when you can get hired by a big translation company?

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Well, we are here to answer those questions and more. We will present the top six benefits of being a freelance translator. So, if you are tired of working in a company, why not make a change?

1. No one to boss you around

Have you ever worked in a company? If the answer is “yes,” then you know how it feels to be bossed around. Of course, not every boss or superior is like that, some of them are great people and want to help their employees. However, a boss who is always angry and has no idea how to speak with his employees is enough to call it quits.

A bad boss will make the difference in the long run. He/she will stress you, will make you do things that have nothing to do with your tasks and will probably blame you for all the bad things that happen in that company. A bad boss will yell and make you feel insignificant even for the slightest mistake.

So, as a freelancer, you will be your own boss. You decide what project to accept, how much you want to get paid, when you should take a vacation and so on.

2. Flexible program

As a freelancer, you will have to respect deadlines. However, that doesn’t mean that you must stay locked in your house for eight hours every day. No, you can work whenever and wherever you want. You can work when the sun rises, have a four-hour break and continue your work in the afternoon or at night.

You can listen to music, watch movies or the news and work from a coffee shop or restaurant. You can even travel while working.

3. More money

As a freelancer, you will get more money from fewer projects. That means that you will either work all month and receive a lot of money or work a week or two and get the same income as someone who works for a translation company. It all depends on you and your lifestyle.

4. You can accept only the projects you want

You have an array of projects to choose from. In some instances, your boss will want you to translate foreign literature, even if you are sick and tired of it.

Now, you have the ability to change that. You can translate websites, literature, news, videos, music and so on.

5. You are no longer restricted

When you work in a company, you probably have to respect a system, like completing a paper when you receive a new project, update a database and so on. In other words, besides the documents you have to translate, you also have some sort of bureaucracy.

Well, as a freelancer, you can say goodbye to that. Now, you will have your own system that saves you a lot of time and is more efficient.

6. Get connected with your clients

When you work for a company, your boss or somebody else must contact the clients and get the orders. That means that you are isolated from the clients and the company gets all the glory for your work. But as a freelancer, you will communicate directly with your clients. Your work will represent you.

The better your work will be, the more clients you will attract and who knows, maybe you will get special projects that will earn you a lot of money.

So, is freelance work for you or not?

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